When it comes to storing your water sports equipment, it is important for you to learn how to do it right because if you don’t, then you might want to seek the services of professionals such as Morphett vale storage especially if you live in or around those areas.

Doing so will not only save you a lot of time and money but will give you an idea of how to properly clean and store your boat the next time you want to Self Storage. Feel free to also learn as much as you can from either the experts or online. just login into YouTube will most certainly give you all the information that you need without hustling at all.


Always clean before storage

Before you store your water sports equipment, your first order of business should be cleaning it. We all know that there’s a lot of elements in water that brush or even get stuck in the engine. Some of these things include debris, silt, plants and roots and so on.

In some cases, even the salt in water can be a big problem if not washed off from the surface of the boat, jet ski or any other water sports equipment that you intend on storing. You’ll start by cleaning and polishing the surface to ensure that any of the above-mentioned elements are off the surface.

Once the surface is clean, make sure that you are applying a gel coat to prevent oxidation as well as other destructive elements from entering your boat. Once the surface is clean and ready for storage, also make sure you are checking the engine room as well as the interior.

If not, feel free to contact storage Morphett vale who will do this for you before helping you store your water sports equipment safely. Morphett vale storage personnel will also ensure that your boat or jet ski is clean and dry.

They’ll ensure that there isn’t any standing water in the bilges before the shrink wrapping process begins. It is very important for you to ensure that everything is polished and water free so that your boat can see its next use while its full function.

Another reason why you ought to allow the storage Morphett vale personnel to work on your water sports equipment storage is simply that they not only have the experience but the right tools to do this for you. And on top of that, they’ll get to do all this at an affordable price. A properly done shrink-wrap job leaves enough ventilation.

While doing all the above cleaning and preparation, it would be a good idea for you to identify any repairs that need to be done and carry them out as soon as you possibly can. Again, Morphett vale storage team can get to do this for you at an affordable price which is also another reason you might want to work with them at the end of the day.


Water sports equipment storage

Once you’ve cleaned your boat/jet-ski and had it properly shrink-wrapped, the next thing would be to have it stored until you are ready to use it next when the conditions are favorable.

First and foremost, it is important to note that whether you choose to store it indoors or outdoor, their won’t be any difference as long as your boat or jet-ski is properly cleaned and shrink-wrapped. Maybe for security reasons, you might want to keep it indoors.

But if your home is secured, then there is absolutely no reason to worry when you have your boat stored outside. Or even better, you can allow for storage Morphett vale business to store your boat for you.


Indoor storage and what it’s all about

Choosing to store your boat indoors is the least expensive way to store your water sports equipment such as boats and/or jet-skis. Why is that so? because you won’t have to pay anyone a dime for the upkeep.

But first, you’ll have to have the extra space to accommodate your water sports equipment. If you do, then you’re good to go. The good thing about indoor storage is that your water sports equipment will not only be safe but thieves or vandalism but will be properly shielded from the elements such as sunlight, snow, hailstones and so on.

And in case you don’t have space at your home and still want to store your water sports equipment indoors, you still can get accommodation from reputable water sports equipment storage facilities.


Outdoor storage

When it comes to outdoor storage comes in two forms, wet and dry outdoor storage. Dry outdoor storage simply means storing your water sports equipment in any dry location, be it on your property or at a reputable water sports equipment storage facility.

Again, before deciding on wet or dry storage, you’ll have to check out the advantages as well as the disadvantages before making your choice. Outside wet storage, on the other hand, involves the storage of your water sports equipment at the marina. The reason why this is most convenient for most people is because of its close proximity to the water.

Unfortunately, your water sports equipment won’t have protection from the elements plus the charges will be quite steep. Remember, the choice you make will depend solely on what works perfectly for you and not what works for the next person.



As you might have noticed, preparing your water sports equipment for storage isn’t an easy task. And that’s exactly why you might want to get in touch with professionals such as Morphett vale storage to do all the heavy work for you. Note that shrink-wrapping is a particularly sensitive process that requires ideal weather conditions for it to be successful.

And that’s exactly why you might want to call up storage Morphett vale personnel to do it for you. Therefore, it would be a great idea for you to make contact long before scheduling your water sports equipment storage simply because it will give them an ample time to find the right time for you to do the shrink-wrapping and then the storage.