Whether you live in a tiny house or your household includes several members who each have plenty of belongings, you’ll need to come up with some unique home storage solutions in order to keep the place tidy. Older houses often lack sufficient closet space, and today’s lifestyle means that people have a lot of electronics, gadgets, clothing and accessories. Use these tips to make the most of the storage space in your home.


Choose furniture with hidden storage

Select furniture with hidden storage. Ottomans take up a lot of space, but you could choose one with a storage compartment inside. Instead of a traditional coffee table for your living room, choose a vintage trunk or cedar chest. They provide the flat surface you need for mugs and magazines and have plenty of hidden storage inside. If you’re replacing a piece of furniture with one that has hidden storage, take the old piece to your for Storage centre in Noarlunga. You can leave the old items there until you’ve made a decision about what to do with them.


Make use of your vertical space

Instead of thinking horizontally with your storage space, make use of vertical space. Install shelving on the walls. The shelves could hold your framed photographs, books or knickknacks. In your closets, install a second bar for hanging clothing. In the pantry or kitchen, hang pots and pans instead of stacking them. Vertical accessory organizers keep your jewellery organized in the bedroom or bathroom.


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Consider vacuum-sealing or space-saving bags

Consider vacuum-sealing or space-saving bags for clothing and linens. Instead of storing bulky duvets or quilts on a shelf in the closet, seal them in one of the space-saving bags. The bags shrink them down to about 10 percent of their size, allowing you to store more things in the same amount of closet or shelf space. When you unseal the bags, the items inside revert to their original fluffiness. This is also a good idea for off-season clothing such as jumpers and ski pants.


Put your bed on risers

If all that’s under your bed is a dust bunny collection, make use of that space in a better way. Invest in a set of bed risers. These handy devices lift your bed about 20 centimetres off of the floor. With the additional vertical space, you can easily store pairs of shoes, bins of clothing or multiple space-saving bags of linens and clothes. You could also store your arts and crafts supplies in this area. Choose a longer bed skirt to disguise the risers and the things hidden under the bed.


Find a nearby storage facility for your extra belongings

It’s likely that you’ll need to take some things out of your house in order to free up some space. Bulky items such as outgrown baby equipment, artificial Christmas trees or seasonal decorations don’t need to live in your house on a permanent basis. A nearby Storage unit in Noarlunga is the ideal spot for extra and off-season items.