Moving to a new house is a giant task, especially if you have several family members that you need to pack for. But even single people have many preparations to make in the weeks preceding a big move. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across town, you need to have a checklist of tasks to complete before the big day arrives.


You’ve paired down

Moving is the perfect occasion to pick out the things that you no longer use. You might have a pair of pants that you haven’t worn in five years or some gym equipment that’s been collecting dust in the garage. You can start this process several months before you actually move. Go room by room to find the items that you won’t miss, then put them up for sale, give them to friends and family, or donate them. You’ll feel much calmer once you’ve gotten rid of some of the clutter.


Get packing materials

Especially if you want to save money, you should start gathering packing materials in advance. If you go to the grocery store or another retailer that gets large shipments of food and other goods in stock several times a week, you can find sturdy boxes for free. Most places are willing to part with their boxes for free, and the boxes that they get are often used to ship heavy items, which often means very sturdy boxes. Talk to the manager a day or two before you want them so they can set some aside for you before the employees break them down.


Pack less often used items first

While you might want to have most of your clothing in the weeks preceding the move, pack up the clothing that is out of season. You won’t miss it. You can also pack up the tools in the garage that you don’t use very often. Other common things that can be put into boxes early on include


Inventory valuables

One of the worst feelings in the world is to realize that you can’t find your grandmother’s ring that she passed on to you before she died. You can avoid that awful feeling by making a checklist of all of the valuables that you have so that when you unpack, you already know if you have everything. Itemize which pieces of jewellery are going in to what kind of container. For jewellery, don’t be afraid to use a different colored box or a sticker to ensure that it’s easy to find.


Fill out a change of address form

Other people and organizations will need to know that you’re moving, but until you individually get everyone up to date on your new address, a change of address form helps the post office know where to send your mail.


Get the kids signed up for school

If you have children, you’ll need to switch their schools. Some places might have certain enrolment dates that you need to abide by to get children ready to go to school on a specified date.


Hire the moving company

If you plan on employing a moving company, make sure that you research several companies so that you feel comfortable that all of your possessions will arrive at the new house without damage. You should also schedule a few weeks in advance so that they have the time to ensure that your day is covered by their employees.


Request time off from work

If you’re just moving to a different part of town, you might be keeping your current job. Make sure that you have a couple of days off to move your things and get settled into the new place.


Use Self storage

A Self storage company, such as Adelaide Self Storage, is a great way to make the moving process simpler. Adelaide Self Storage lets you move in a way that is easy and convenient for you. With Adelaide self Storage, all you have to do is order a self storage unit, then Adelaide self Storage picks it up and delivers it. You can even rent the unit for extended periods of time so that unpacking is less stressful.